Snow White: Informations and the fairy tale

Sending you greetings from Gieselwerder is Snow White with her seven dwarfs. 900 years ago, the beautiful village of Gieselwerder was founded near a save passage through the river Weser.
Gieselwerder is the starting point for steamboat trips up and down the miraculous landscape created by the river's flow.
When wandering through this gorgeous, mountainous landscape you might eventually come across a wondrous petty little rill which, incredibly as it may seem, appears to flow uphill. The rill's name is "Wasser Bergauf', literally "water hill-up", conveying in its name its curious characteristic.

Cycling through the meadows next to the stream or the mountains framing the river's bed, marvelling at nature's beauty, you may find a treasure trove of traditional craftsmanship: the "Mühlenplatz" which displays all kinds of miniature models of historical and regional architecture of all kinds.

We hope to have convinced you that there are good reasons to come to the beautiful climatic spa of Gieselwerder to enjoy nature and visit the original site of the fairy tale of Snow White and the seven dwarfs.


Snow White and the Seven dwarfs

Nowadays, almost everybody knows the Brothers Grimm's fairy tale of Snow White and the seven dwarfs.
Snow White, a beautiful young maiden, is cast out into the strange, unfamiliar, and impenetrably deep woods at the edge of her father's kingdom. Her evil stepmother who cannot bear Snow White's beauty around her is at the root of this moving fairy tale's sad and tragic beginning.


The stories turning point has come, when the lost and cast out Snow White is eventually found by seven dwarfs who reside in the deep woods beyond, as the story goes, seven mountains. The dwarfs provide and care for Snow White as long as she stays with them. But still, Snow White's evil step mother cannot bear that a maiden most beautiful is exceeding her in terms of prettiness. So the step-mother engages into a new plan: she poisons an apple and when Snow White takes a bite of it, she falls into a deep and eternal sleep.
But sleeping deeply in a glass coffin, Snow White is found and rescued by a handsome prince who breaks the dark magic spell and they live happily ever after...